What A Wacky World!

Is the world really as wacky as we think it is?

feet legs animal farm
Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

Look at this cow? Cows do not wear shoes. This is not wacky. I have reason to believe that a human (Homosapien), for Pete’s (God bless that zany fellow) sake, put those shoes on him!

I looked further into this subject. Asking myself this: What defines wacky?

What defines wacky? – Saugwayo

After about two seconds of research, I found this clue:


Pretty normal, right?



Look again, buffoon:



Wake? What could it mean?

photo of a woman thinking
Photo by Bruce Mars on Pexels.com


I decided to look deeper into the depths of this strange phenomenon. Do they mean woke? To they mean to wake from a deeper dream that we are all in? What does it mean?

In a complete daze, I walked outside, blinded by my intense thinking. The sky was quite a beautiful shade of blue and the temperature was actually quite nice considering the summer times, but I was all too busy. I tripped over a small ladybug, as usual, when I turned around to address the rude bug I saw he was wearing a fur coat with a purple hat and some sweet shades. I could not resist the palpable feeling of wisdom resonating from his tiny bug head.

So, instead of retorting his actions, I asked the kind soul, “Why?”

He looked into my mind and his bug soul and my non-bug souls merged into one coherent being.

I am enlightened now. I have complete access to ladybug culture.

It is complete.

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