First Blog Post: Why I Write

Why should one write? Why, of all things, does one blog?

For there is nothing lost, that may be found if sought. — Edmund Spencer

I do not read any blogs. Blogs are boring. It is much like a friend’s rant: they tell you what they think, you sort of listening, and much of the conversation is largely forgotten by both parties the next day. So, why would I start one? Why would I create something I perceive so negatively?

There is a negative stigma with blogging. It is widely perceived, albeit deservingly, as a medium that is used only by the artsy, hipster types of the world. In fact, I discovered that one of my classmates, who fits well into the description, had a blog of her own and that, I believe, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Yet, I have started to make one of my own. To make it a little more fun to read I have categorized why I chose this course of action into a list of a few reasons.

1: For Fun

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Why write if I didn’t have fun doing it?

I know this one is a “Duh, of course” sort of situation but still. There is a quote from a parent speaker at a middle school assembly. I can’t remember what the assembly was for but he was, and still is, a writer. His name was Mark Winegardner, I believe. don’t quote me on him saying this, it was a few years ago, but it was pretty funny and it seems to have stuck with me since.

” Doing things in general makes me want to die, but writing kinda makes me want to die a little less. “

I do not want to be a writer. I’d much rather be something much more interesting; like a pilot, or an astronaut, or something betterbut I just write. I don’t really tell myself to. I just write sometimes, and, so far, blogging is pretty ok.


2: For the Future

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I want to log myself in the book of human existence. I do not believe many will read my blog, but maybe, in a long time, I will be important enough to become readable. For someone to see thoughts of someone who lived through a specific time, to see what I was thinking, or to simply read it for pleasure.

This is for someone who is a scholar and wishes just to analyze what a 21st-century human was doing or thinking of the times.

Or just me.


3. To Develop

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When I write, I want to write well.

I want to improve over time and keep doing constantly new and interesting things. However, to improve something you have to actually do it. So I got a blog and wrote. I started a project to combine a series of skills, writing, design, among other things and develop them.

Every time I write, nothing will be wasted. I can look back and see how much I have developed and the past mistakes I made, and how I can fix said mistakes.

This brings me to the quote in the beginning. I seek to become a good writer for the ages. To become something truly remarkable. So I am going to start my journey and become the best writer ever to have existed.

I will not fail, because I tried.


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